The metrics engine for better data and better models

We observe your production serving data, determine where your training data fell short and help you fix it.

How it works

Dioptra learns from production patterns, live, and mines the best retraining data so your team can maximize model improvements.

Built for unstructured data

Dioptra helps you explore and visualize your data. Whether you work with images, text, audio or multi modal streams Dioptra has you covered.

Integrate seamlessly

We work with any model, and platform

  • Lightweight SDKs
  • Up and running in minutes
  • With or without ground truth

We helped our customers

Reduce their data ops costs by
Shorten their model iteration cycles from 1 week to
2 days
Improved their model accuracy in one retraining cycle by

Case Studies

Source edge cases to improve text classification recall

A non profit increased the recall of their hate speech classification model by automatically sourcing edge cases with Dioptra.

Monitor speech transcription bias

A transcription company detected bias against accented female speakers on voice models.

Generalize safety computer vision model

A company deploying safety vision models on the edge was able to source the next data to generalize their models to new locations.